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The EoTech XPS2 is a holographic sight that is designed for parallax-free quick target acquisition. As others describe in the reviews, … The Eotech is very solid in the hand, and it simply exudes quality. A Guide To The Best Hunting Scope in 2015 | RifleOpticsWorld.com, Review: Aimpoint Micro T-1 Tactical Red Dot Sight and Its Insane Battery Life | RifleOpticsWorld.com, Protect Yourself: Guide To Choosing A Home Defense Optic | RifleOpticsWorld.com, Full Buyer's Guide To Modern Tactical Optic | RifleOpticsWorld.com, Review: Testing EoTech G33 3x Magnifier On Our XPS2 | RifleOpticsWorld.com. Eotech xps3 is a powerful Holographic Viewfinder for mounted used for the identification of objectives and area lighting. That’s pretty light by EOTech’s standards but more than the standards of some other holographic sight manufacturers. While boutique cartridges can come and go 300 Blackout has had staying … Both optics are easy to use, precise, and durable. Don’t miss another shot this hunting season. IN A HURRY? Especially when the EOTech line of holographic sights is concerned. Every red dot optic is designed for close range combat and only has a 1x magnification. Please Sign in or create an account. EOTECH HWS EXPS2™ As low as $619.00. […]. The drawback is a loss of about 400 hours of battery life. The Eotech 518 is a modern optic with a number of upgrades and improvements, and it’s worth every dime. It’s official designation is the model number and then a dash zero (-0)…example is EXPS2-0. This means that it will neither tip the balance of your rifle nor will be stringent on mounting position. While boutique cartridges can come and go 300 Blackout has had staying power. The XPS3 is night vision compatible and XPS2 is not. EOTech XPS2 Review. The… The Eotech reticle is very easy to use and is designed to be dual purpose. Plus it blinks 5 times on startup to indicate low battery power. 123 batteries are awesome due to their small size, but may not be very common outside of gun or outdoor stores. The advantage of a smaller optic and the XPS2 specifically, is the fact the optic will use less rail space. The optic can co witness with an AR, but that’s it. Products we like from both brands The XPS2 features a protective aluminum hood around the lens. The Aimpoint pro features a closed lens scope type design whereas the XPS2 is an open design. Eotech XPS2 vs 512 Comparison Review. The XPS2 is the most compact and lightweight holographic sight EOTech has to offer. Once I … The XPS2 is the lightest offering from EOTech. Vortex VMX-3T Optics Magnifier. My review of the XPS2 HWS from EOTech. Since the big 68 MOA ring reticle plays a vital part in offering unmatched accuracy, even when you’re aiming in a jiffy. 0. Eotech XPS2-0/American Defense review. It is … He only does what he loves. Red Dot or Holographic Sight For AR-15? EOTECH XPS2-0 470. at Amazon. The XPS2 is covered by the EOTech Prestige Warranty against all material and workmanship defects for a period of 10 years from the date of manufacture or purchase receipt. Post navigation. Both of these sights are rugged, battle-tested, and clear. I added a Larue Tactical quick attach mount to mine, but looks like the new exps models have a QT built in (nice). It has been around since 1995, specializing in electro-optics and systems. Good review. This sight is durable and affordable for all. This sight is durable and affordable for all. An amazing compact sight for EOTech lovers, competitive shooters, and tactical users. The optic is durable, easy to use, lightweight, and exceptionally capable for real world applications. Find helpful customer reviews and review ratings for EOTECH XPS2 Holographic Weapon Sight at Amazon.com. Popular red dot optics like Aimpoint and holographic optics like Eotech XPS 2-0 can naturally co-witness with iron sights. At the time of its release, the EOTech XPS2 model was one of the shortest, smallest, and lightest of the entire EOTech … I knew going into this I would have to rezero the optic, or at the very least confirm my zero. The large 68 MOA ring can also be used to represent shot patterns when using a shotgun. They contain no metal-coated or mirrored surfaces to reveal your location. So let’s get started! Now, this isn’t a bad thing since the optic itself is both the little brother in age and in size. How Long Does the Battery Last on the EOTech XPS2? I wouldn’t miss the NV comoatibility; the NV settings on other Eotechs are frequently mistaken for the on/off switch. The XPS2 is the most compact and lightweight holographic sight EOTech has to offer. What Makes the EOTech XPS2 Stand Out From the Competition? One of the major cons for this optic is the fact it cannot be used with night vision. The battery is also a more expensive 123 lithium battery, versus the common double A batteries used by the 512. The optic is capable of 100 yard field of view at 30 yards with 4 inches of eye relief. The optic is not adjustable to co witness with lower, or higher iron sights on other weapons. It is waterproof, shockproof, and built to go to war and back. The XPS2 weighs 9 ounces or 255 grams. By Chuck Wilson. Facebook. Aimpoint Pro offers lesser brightness settings than the XPS2 but far more battery life (30,000 hours). EOTech XPS2. These include some external and some internal design features. However, the second half of this period (5 years) will incur a fee of $79 as a bench fee for claims. But we’ll be covering only XPS2 … 22. for further details on how we will use your personal data, please review our privacy policy. Newsletter. Eotech 300BLK XPS-2 Review 300 Blackout is a cartridge that came on the market and found a unique home. It also consumes only 2-¾ area of rail space and leaves ample space to let you mount a magnifier or scope. I've just returned from the range, shooting with the EOTech XPS2-0 mounted atop a Smith and Wesson 629 Stealth Hunter. HERE AT EOTECH… I think it’s one of the best holographic sights out there today… And if you’re in a hurry, here’s a quick summary of my review: The Eotech XPS2-0 gives you a huge sight window, great field of view, and the … I am a shooter who otherwise has shot rifles and pisols with my left … Eotech 512 review: Yes, I still love my Eotech. Though you cannot work with it at night as it has no night vision, … Twitter. Shooting in the wind is never fun, well it can be fun once you know how to do it. The EOTech 512 and XPS2 have two major features in common. EOTech XPS2-0 Sing CR123 batt 68MOA Ring/1MOA Dt Mfg# XPS2-0. Yes. The Pro is more resilient to damage, recoil and offers better water resistance (150 feet) compared to the XPS2 (10 feet). It offers a one or two 1 MOA dot encircled in a 68 MOA ring for quick target acquisition. Unscrewing the cap is easy with a quarter. The Eotech is very solid in the hand, and it simply exudes quality. The Eotech XPS2is also an extremely durable sight. This sight is offered in two variants. It runs on a single CR123 battery. EOTech HHS l (EXPS3 -4 with G33 3x Magnifier) EOTECH EXPS3 Holographic Weapon Sight; EOTech EXPS3 -2 Holo Weapon Sight; EOTech XPS2-0 ; EOTech 512.A65 Tactical HOLOgraphic AA Batteries Weapon Sight; 1 EOTech HHS l (EXPS3 -4 with G33 3x Magnifier) The first thing to mention about this scope is the unique switch to side mount. I too am left confused because the EXPS2 7mm raised base is supposed to yield a lower 1/3rd cowitness with irons and the XPS2 (sitting 7mm LOWER) is supposed to yield a fully cowitnessed sight picture with in-spec AR15/M4/M16 iron sights. The hood overhangs to prevent glare and increase its protection. Apart from that, this sight has a very unique reticle that provides exceptionally fast target acquisition. Overall the XPS2 is an excellent article, and is strong and durable enough to be used for combat applications. EXPS3-0. When you zero the center dot at 50 yards…you get something that works for 200 yards and 7 yards. EOTECH HWS 518™ As low as $575.00. A new shooter could figure out reticle and how to use the optic simply by taking a few moments to look through it. Review: How Good Is Aimpoint Carbine Optic ( ACO ) Compared... AR-15 Optics Buyer’s Guide & Recommended Models. The Eotech XPS3 and Eotech HWS EXPS3 are high precision scopes that go small on the size and weight, but large on performance. It can be used for hunting coyotes, whitetails, elk, moose, or even bears if mounted on a suitable rifle. The XPS2 is also good for competition use where fast target acquisition and accuracy is key. But we won’t recommend hunting anything beyond that range with a red dot, even when coupled with a magnifier. Or in simpler terms, rifles like AR-15 and AK-45 will find the best use for this scope. However, some users may prefer one company over the other. Rugged and durable body structure. Lastly, I’ll share my opinion if you should really invest your money in it. Compare prices (3 found) Prices accurate at time of writing. The next good use for this sight is close-quarter battles. Binoculars vs. In fact for an optic built to military spec this should be a must have. Despite its compact size, the XPS2 is very durable and can withstand harsh recoil and environmental abuse. Let’s find out what they are. The XPS2 and XPS3. They’re used by the military’s special-ops and law-enforcement. Worked on my Weaver rail, which was a plus. This optic is very simple to use, and requires hardly any training to utilize efficiently. The 65 MOA external red circle reticle is designed for work at ‘bad breath’ distances. So it's not a full tactical sight. by filling out and submitting this form, you hereby consent to vudu collecting your information. This sight offers too many brightness settings to adjust according to the ambient lighting conditions. The sight can be coupled with a magnifier and it’s dot stays true to its size even on higher magnifications. We have (erroneously) been conditioned to believe that we need magnification to shoot at ranges beyond 200 yards and it simply t’aint so. Eotech XPS2 Transverse Red Dot Holo Sight Review by William Taylor - Last updated December 21, 2020 If you’re searching for a battle-tested and proven holographic sight, EOTech should … Though you cannot work with it at night as it has no night vision, you will be satisfied with it when you will work with it on daytime. here at eotech, llc., we take your privacy seriously and will only use your personal data to administer your account and/or to provide you the information, products, and services you have requested from us. In this EOTech EXPS2 review article, I am going to talk about the features, specifications, pros, and cons of EOTech EXPS2 Holographic Sight. EOTECH EXPS2 Holographic Weapon Sight. 248 Shooter - October 1, 2015. 14. Mounting and zeroing a scope can either be a nice and easy day with plenty of time shooting and scoring bullseye, or it can...  What Other People Think? The price is also a bit high, around 500 dollars. The XPS2 offers a unique reticle that features a big 68 MOA ring encircling a 1 MOA dot. Find helpful customer reviews and review ratings for EOTECH XPS2-300 Blackout Holographic Weapon Sight at Amazon.com. This is a longer review so if you want to skip to the primary review content it starts at the 5:15 mark. By saving space you can utilize a magnifier or reserve room for back up iron sights. The biggest difference between products from Aimpoint and EOTech are battery lives, technology, durability, precision targeting, and ease of use. What Is The Difference Between EOTech XPS2 And XPS3?The only difference between these is that the XPS3 offers night vision compatibility and the XPS2 doesn’t. The EOTech XPS2 is the most compact model they produce and comes with some interesting features. It has 20 brightness settings for the reticle that can handle environmental lighting conditions from broad daylight to pitch dark with very less ambient light. The EOTech XPS2-0 is the only sight I have ever used in which it seemed natural to keep both eyes open while shooting. AR-15 Optic – How Much Should You Pay For It? The Winner: Holosun HS510C. If you compare with it with other sights and magnifiers, you will find eotech xps2 a unique and reliable one. It is a durable sight and a great alternative to more bulky EOTech holo sights like the 512, 518 or 558. Download our FREE ebook with 250 reticle patterns from the top manufacturers. Is the EOTech XPS2 Compatible With Any Rifle? The EOtech can be used in conjunction with powerful 12 gauge shotguns, or full sized battle rifles like the M1A and the user does not need to worry about a wandering zero. This XPS2 vs. XPS3 holographic weapon sights review highlighted the prominent features of each of these products for better comparison. So it’s not actually a drawback. Plus, the XPS3 has a water submersible depth of 33 feet, compared to only 10 feet for the XPS2. This sight can serve a multitude of purposes when used in a close, short, or medium range. As you’ve seen from this EOTech XPS2 review, this holographic sight is an outstanding choice for its combination of crystal-clear, high quality optics and small, lightweight size. This sight is a great optic for hunting any critters that can be shot humanely within a range of 200 yards. EOTECH HWS XPS2™ 17 ... Write Your Own Review. The battery compartment is now separated from the base and it uses only a single CR123 battery. Not to mention the fact the battery power is cut by 400 hours from the 512. The Eotech EXPS 3 is another… 4.8. Eotech and Aimpoint make some of the best red dot sights you can find. November 13, 2019 November 4, 2018 by Shien. Required fields are marked * Your rating * Your review * Name * Email * Related Products. But we’ll be covering only XPS2 in this review. The sight is available in two versions - the XPS2 and XPS3 (NV compatible). Many users prefer this because of their cutting … The brightness of this reticle can be adjusted among 20 settings. Provides the shooters with more control and precision. https://www.primaryarms.com/eotech-xps2-0-holographic-weapon-sight Reviewed in the United States on January 18, 2016 Style Name: XPS2-300 Verified Purchase I have a couple EOTech red dot sights, and this one does not live up to the standard the others set. Contact us via admin@rifleopticsworld.com or call: (906) 334-7871, © All Rights Reserved Rifleopticsworld.com, Compatible with both 1″ Weaver and MIL-STD 1913 Rails. Ankit has been a writer for almost a decade now and has developed a diverse portfolio. Review EOTech XPS2 Review : Ultra Compact and Lightweight Non-NVD Holo Sight. Hence you won’t be able to use it with NV devices which can greatly hamper the tactical/LE usage of this optic. RifleOpticsTeam-May 4, 2019. […], […] installed the G33 behind an  XPS2-0 Eotech optic. The XPS2 is the most compact and lightweight holographic sight EOTech has to offer. Reply. The Michigan-based company teamed up with Bushnell 20+ years ago to unveil the first commercial holographic sight. As long as you don’t plan on using night vision devices since XPS2 is not compatible with them. Price as of 09/24/2020 18:27 PDT. Good review of the XPS2 but I beg to differ on your conclusion that it is designed for close quarters solely. Ah…the famous EOTech reticle. The 512 uses two AA batteries and is bigger and heavier than the XPS2. EOTECH EXPS3 Holographic Weapon Sight. AR-15 Optic – How Much Should You Pay … The Eotech XPS2 utilizes crystal clear glass, and the large field of view for such a small optic. This is critical for those using the optic on an AK gas tube, or as a long eye relief optic for a Mosin Nagant. I chose the EOTech thinking that it will be able to handle this level of recoil. The XPS2 is a second generation holographic weapon sight that has a circle-dot reticle composed of a 65 MOA circle centered on a 1 MOA dot. EOTECH 552 Holographic Weapon Sight; Price: $559.00; Price as of 12/17/2020 02:14 PST (more info about ad) The 512 is likely the design most people picture when you say the word Eotech. The XPS2 is a much smaller Eotech optic. Pushing that button activates the night vision compatibility mode. Battery life and finding replacement still remain biggest downsides for this sight. Man kann trotzdem sagen, dass EOTech mit dem G33 Set einen sehr guten Sprung nach vorne geschafft hat, was aber nicht am Magnifier liegt, sonder an der Reihe EXPS3 und dem Vorläufermodell XPS2-2 und den eingesetzten erweiterten Visier/Haltepunkten. The XPS2 is the most compact and lightweight holographic sight EOTech has to offer. I knew going into this I would have to rezero the optic, or at the very least confirm my zero. This figure may vary depending upon what setting you use this scope on. This may not be a big deal to those using weapons with full length rails, like most AR models. What Kind of Warranty Does the EOTech XPS2 Come With? This … In fact one of its great advantages over other red dots is its small 1 moa center dot, which subtends a mere 4 inches at 400 yards. RifleOpticsTeam-May 8, 2019. Eotech XPS2 vs 512 Comparison Review. His whimsical nature and love for writing fosters creativity in all of his work, Compact and lightweight EOTech holographic sight, Great reticle design with auto-shutoff and low battery indicator, Uncommon battery and comparatively short battery life, W/E - 40 MOA (½ MOA clicks) Parallax unlimited, 91 feet at 100 yards at 3 inches eye relief. Read honest and unbiased product reviews from our users. The battery cap and latch have been replaced with a simple O ring. Buy it here: https://brownells.dts2xn.net/gK2WX In this review we go over the EOTech EXPS2-0 HWS The holographic weapon sight (HWS) series, by EOTech, is considered one of the best red dot optics available today. When it comes to holographic weapon sights, EOTech literally wrote the book. The holographic sight is perfect for sporting rifles/carbines. Eotech XPS2-0 Holographic Sight EOTech 558 Holographic Weapon Sight . The optic is capable of 100 yard field of view at 30 yards with 4 inches of eye relief. As mentioned in the opening of this article. Review: Testing EoTech G33 3x Magnifier On Our XPS2. It also separates itself from the rest of the crowd by being the only one that has zero tint to the glass: It is perfectly clear. The Aimpoint Micro T-2 or H1 and EOTech XPS2-0 fit small weapons admirably. Customers are pleased with the product and love the crisp and clear view the optics provides. The hood overhangs to prevent glare and increase its protection. Shooters and hunters know for a fact that using any tool or equipment to get a good and clear shot at your target can a mile of a difference when it comes to overall precision and accuracy. The Eotech XPS2 See Price On Amazon (Over 235 Reviews) Now honestly, the Eotech is a whole different type of red dot sight then what you usually find, and we’ll get into that in the comparison… But here are the areas we’re going to be covering when we compare these two sights: Sale! It is a durable sight and a great alternative to more bulky EOTech holo sights like the 512, 518 or 558. Eotech XPS2-0 Holographic Sight Review. You just have to position it on the rail and screw it down using the thumb screw. Eotech 512 vs XPS2 Round 2: Eotech 512 Strengths & Weaknesses. Eotech 300BLK XPS-2 Review. I installed the G33 behind an XPS2-0 Eotech optic. The Eotech XPS2 is a holographic optic designed and based off the traditional Eotech square lens design, similar to the Eotech 512. AR-15 Optics Buyer’s Guide & Recommended Models. The sight weighs about 250 grams and has unlimited eye relief. His hobbies include gardening, reading, shooting, and most of all - learning new things in every context (hence why he chose to be a writer). Is Nightforce Atacr 5-25×56 Worth the 2K? Unfortunately, the variant we are reviewing does not have night vision compatibility. View Details 470 at Amazon. Vortex Optics is known for quality scopes and this is no exception. Eotech … The XPS3 is just an upgraded version of the XPS2. EOTech G33 & XPS2-2 Review. Eotech: My favorite red dot / holographic optic. The XPS2 is perfect for military and police applications, as well as an everyday person looking for an optic to top off their home and self defense rifles. The 512 is more popular than the XPS2 and is widely used as a sight for night v… Eotech 512. Only the shooter can view the holographic reticle and non-reflective window, which makes them different from red-dot sights. In this eotech xps2 review, I think you have all the information that you want to know. Eotech XPS2 Transverse Red Dot Holo Sight Review by William Taylor - Last updated December 21, 2020 If you’re searching for a battle-tested and proven holographic sight, EOTech … Click Here To See Our 12 Optic Comparison Table! Prices accurate at time of writing. Those using firearms like the AK series, the PTR 91, or even the MP5 platforms, may have minimal rail space available. Eotech Review. Be the first to review “EOTech XPS2-300 .300 Blackout/Whisper,CR123 Mfg# XPS2-300” Cancel reply. Eotech is a well-established 1995-founded company in the electro-optics industry and has. 300 Blackout is a cartridge that came on the market and found a unique home. The XPS2 is always very tough, and can withstand the powerful recoil associated with some weapons. For shotguns, you can mount it on any semi-auto or pump action. The warranty is transferable and also covers electronics. Reticle Options. Of all the true 1x options out in the world, this one has my heart. Review: Is SWFA SS 10×42 A Top Fixed Power Scope? Keine Nachtsichtstufen Die Holografischen EOTech XPS Visiere sind die Nachfolger der 511 Modelle. This is the eye relief that is used to judge field of view, and is not required to use the optic. … The weight saving are a total of 3 ounces from the Eotech 512 to the XPS2. Eotech XPS3 Review With Full Features And Bunch of Pros & Cons. These include transmission holography powered by a single 123 lithium battery that provides … Review. Top 5 Best EOTechs for an AR15 Reviews. Except for bolt action rifles, muzzleloaders, and double barrel shotguns. If your optic fails to come one when you hit the switch, […], […] I had to name a good home defense optic and you asked me for my pick I’d go with either an Eotech or an Aimpoint. Compact, lightweight & quick holographic sight, 68 MOA ring, 1 or 2 dots, and 20 brightness settings, Rugged and durable design suited for extended range. Trijicon ACOG 4×32 Review Through The Eyes Of US Marine. I believe this limits the use of the XPS2 severely and could be a deciding factor in purchasing the optic. Read honest and unbiased product reviews from our users. Review: How Good Is Aimpoint Carbine Optic ( ACO ) Compared... Buying Guides. Stalking in the fields or mountains however may […], […] Giving it a definite edge compared to holographic sight like Eotech XPS 2 and its 600 hours of battery life. This sight is not compatible with night vision devices. There’s no pull cap now and the battery compartment has a cap tethered to the scope’s body. But a mere consideration. EOTECH HWS EXPS3™ As low as $725.00. The sight can reach far more than that. Newer short model; Screw mount; Standard reticle; What I would get to save a few ounces but don’t need to magnify or quick-detach. EOTech XPS2-0. The internal, smaller, 1 MOA red dot is designed to allow the shooter to make precision shots. EOTECH MAGNIFIER G33™ As low as $609.00. Buyer Guide: How to Buy the Best Scope for the Price? Other than that, the XPS2 is more compact than the 512 and uses a CR123 battery. The sight mounts to any standard Picatinny or Weaver rail system. The weight saving are a total of 3 ounces from the Eotech 512 to the XPS2. The first thing you will notice about this sight is there is almost nothing to it. But we’ll be covering only XPS2 in this review. Eotech’s Holographic Weapon Sights (HWS) include some of the world’s fastest sighting systems. The Eotech XPS3 is both magnifier and night vision compatible. By Chuck Wilson. We found other products you might like! Both have been adopted by the […], […] is something you desire it’s important to know if your weapon is compatible. It`s small and light, leaving room for magnifier or iron sight. Vortex Optics VMX-3T Magnifier with Built-in Flip Mount; Price: $199.00; Price as of 12/19/2020 09:28 PST (more info about ad) The VMX-3T is typical of its type. The XPS2 is the shortest, smallest and lightest EOTECH holographic weapon sight available. It produces a wide range of products/systems including XPS2 and 512. You can mount one on those if you desire. However, the XPS2 did not reduce the overall size of the objective lens. The XPS2 has a lot of pros to offer. Eotech has been manufacturing firearm accessories for several years. This is done by not only shortening the optic, but by using a single battery, versus the dual battery use of the 512. The two sights have lots of … It uses a CR123 battery which is not as common as an AA or AAA. The XPS2 has no necessary eye relief, and can be used at any distance. While good glass costs money, you are also purchasing an optic designed only for close range, and have to shell out some extra cash for a magnifier. The battery on the XPS2 is a CR123 battery and will last for about 600 hours on the number 12 brightness setting. Your email address will not be published. This sight can also be used with shotguns to bring down turkeys. While viewing the Eotech XPS2 review on Amazon I noted that more than 80 clients have provided feedback on this holographic sight and rated it with 4.9 stars “wow” this, says it all regarding the quality of it. This model comes with an auto shut down feature that can be set to 4hrs and up to 8hrs. The XPS2 is designed to be used for close quarters use, and is used especially well in combat, or in competitions like 3 gun, both require split second transitions for target engagement. Protect Yourself: Guide To Choosing A Home Defense Optic, Buyer Guide: Best Scopes of For Your Remington 700, Buyer Guide: What to Consider When Buying a Night Vision Scope, Buyers Guide: Choosing Best Long Range Rifle Scope & Top Picks. So, these two sights are similar in many ways, but there are a few crucial differences: – The XPS series is absolute co-witness, and the E series is raised a little (7mm riser), … It can operate in extreme temperatures and is also submersible in water up to a depth of 3 meters. You simply fill this circle with your target and pull the bang switch. Before you buy the EOTech XPS2, take a brisk look at this comprehensively designed FAQ section that covers some major nooks and crannies about the sight. Installation Process With XPS 2-0. But it still weighs 9 ounces or 255 grams. Turrets are a critical component to the rifle scope. The sight is submersible in water up to a depth of 10 feet or 3 meters.

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